How long would it take for a locksmith to arrive at my home to get me into my car if I’m locked out?

How long would it take for a locksmith to arrive at my home to get me into my car if I’m locked out?

Mobile locksmith technicians offer an “ETA” (estimated arrival time) of approximately 40 minutes for lock and ignition labor, and about 30 minutes for lockouts. The reason that lockouts are accompanied by a shorter approximated waiting interval than other manners of labor is that the specialists that deal with them are masters of punctuality. Lockouts are classified as emergencies and are thus considered top priority by the various mobile locksmith companies that the customer has at their disposal. For example if you need a Bronx Locksmith when you call us we will find out where the technician is exactly at and give you his estimated time of arrival accordingly.

Mobile locksmiths don’t work out of their dispatching offices, but rather are disseminated throughout their respective field of coverage. To ensure that customers are tended to with equal care and promptness, most companies disperse an equal amount of locksmiths throughout a very wide field. If the locksmiths were simply waiting in the office waiting to serve clientele, only the customers who were fortunate enough to be located right near the site would get served expediently, and there would be inordinately disproportionate waiting intervals for the various customers. By spreading available, competent technicians throughout the sphere of service, the company ensures that all clientele are serviced punctually.

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What is the difference between a lock change and a rekey, and which one would suit me best?

What is the difference between a lock change and a rekey, and which one would suit me best?

There are various reasons that an individual would want to replace the locks or keys to their locks. They may need to replace their locks due to wear tear and attrition, they may want to synchronize a single key mould to multiple locks so that they can share the kleys with friends and realtives, or they may wish to simply replace their current lock sets. In any event, most mobile locksmiths offer affordable , prompt service and can arrive at the customer’s job site in about 40 minutes.  Also, once the technician does arrive on site, there are multiple options that the customer has at their disposal depending on their current needs.

For example, certain scenarios call for a replacement of the keys themselves without actually changing the lock. This end is facilitated by a procedure known as rekeying. A lock’s interior mechanism consists of little sets of pins that unlatch once  the designated key is inserted and turned. Performing a rekey entails shifting the positioning of those pins in the lock and effectively supplanting the respective key mould that unlocks it. The technician can rekey a potentially unlimited amount of locks to correspond to the same key design, permitting customers to share the same key duplicates for multiple locks.

This is ideal for customers with friends, relatives, and roommates that they wish to share keys with without incurring the added charge of replacing their current locks. The technician can also fashion an unlimited amount of key duplicates for the original design at a marginal additional fee.

The greater the volume of locks that require rekeys, the more cumbersome and cluttered it will become to replace all of the locks themselves. For example, if a landlord wishes to make new keys for all of their tenants, it would be quite an exercise in excess and pandemonium to change each lock one by one. Not only that, but it would cost the equivalent of a small fortune to actually provide that type of volume of new locks for the customer. Providing the customer with the possibility of rekeying the locks grants them the ability to avert the arduous undertaking of actually replacing them all. Again, rekeying locks is generally cheaper than switching them because it circumvents the necessity of providing new locks.

There are instances, however, when a lock is at a point of deterioration beyond repair, and thus would require replacement.  In this case, even if the customer wants to opt to receive a rekey, their   only option is to actually replace the entire lock. If a customer does require a lock replacement, the technician can arrive swiftly with a wide profusion of locks comprised in their work vans. Of course, there’s the distinct possibility that the customer simply desires to change their lock for stylistic purposes.  Once the customer has selected the lock they want to replace their current one with, the technician can evaluate their lock fixture and the procedure that is required in order to install the lock. Once they do so, they can afford the customer with a flat rate and get to work changing the lock for them.

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If I’m locked out of my car, can a locksmith assist me and how fast can they be there???

One of the most common services provided by mobile locksmiths is granting customers access to locks that they may be locked out of. A customer may be locked out of their car, home, safe, fridge- it doesn’t matter. Mobile locksmith companies are not only competitive with each other for pricing, but also for arrival times- how wonderful for the client! That is why these companies make provisions to ensure that the technician arrives at the customer’s job site as quickly as possible.

One such arrangement that they make is to ensure that they have an abundance of technicians located throughout their allotted area of coverage. This guarantees that no matter where you are, a locksmith is x amount of time away. Varying companies offer different ETAs (estimated time of arrivals), but the general range is 15 to 40 minutes for lock repair/ replacement, and 15 to 30 minutes for lockouts. The reason that the ETA afforded to the customer for a lockout is shorter is because there are often more technicians that specialize in them disseminated in the field of coverage. This is because lockouts are considered top priority and are regarded as emergency scenarios. The main objective of mobile locksmith companies such as BestBuyLock is to assure customer satisfaction- that’s why they hire a variable bevy of competent, hungry locksmiths. To pledge that no matter where you are, and no matter what time of day you call, you will receive service promptly and in a courteous and professional manner!

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What is a rekey?

What is a rekey?

Often times, a customer may want to alter the key(s) that open a lock without actually replacing the lock. This may be more convenient than actually changing the lock for a number of reasons.  It may be because the volume of locks that the customer needs new keys for is too high, such as a landlord that wants to make new keys for all of their tenants. This would make changing each and every single  lock a long, arduous, and cumbersome undertaking. Also, if the locksmith is to supply the customer with new locks themselves, this would equate to the customer purchasing  50 (or whatever the number) new locks in addition to being charged for the labour of replacing them- not a fee you’d want to incur! Also, rather than change a lock, a customer may want to synchronize a single key to multiple locks. They may want to reconfigure a lock to longer work with its previous key- maybe to evict the former tenant of an apartment, or to avoid a prior acquaintance. All of these services involve basically “re-keying” the lock, or altering its interior so as to fit a new key to it. As aforementioned, rekeying also renders the original key ineffective in gaining entry to the lock.

The way a rekey works on a technical level is simple. The mechanism located within a lock is locked and unlocked by a set of pins. When the key is inserted and turned in the lock, the pins are unhinged; this in turn unlatches the lock itself. When a locksmith shifts the positioning of theses pins, they effectively render the original key useless. The next step is to concoct a new key that WILL correspond to the new configuration. The technician moulds a new key based on the pin configuration- and viola- there’s your rekey!

Once a new key is composed, the locksmith can generate an unlimited number of duplicates that the customer can share with family members, friends, or roommates. Rekeys are typically cheaper than lock changes and involve less clunky, messy material. Of course, a customer may want specifically to change a lock itself rather than just the key- both options are always available. Also, in certain instances, such as in cases of lock damage and erosion, an actual replacement of the entire lock is required, because it is completely unusable.

Rekeys aren’t limited to front house doors, either.  Lost your car key and need a new one? You may be surprised to discover that the remedy to this conundrum is actually a rekey from a locksmith! Rekeys can be performed for regular door locks, car doors, car ignition slots, cabinets, desks- and pretty much any lock you can think of! So, if you need your locks changed, you can definitely count on a quality mobile locksmith to come to your aid at any time of day, no matter where you are. But always be aware of the alternative option of receiving a rekey and all the potential benefits it can offer.

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Estimated arrival time for Locksmiths

How come your estimated arrival time is 30 minutes if your dispatching office is right around the corner from my house? Shouldn’t the ETA be more like 2-5 minutes?

Well, the ETA WOULD be 5 minutes – IF our technicians WERE around the corner, waiting in the office to be dispatched. But we ARE a mobile company and thus must remain- mobile! Our technicians are always out and about assisting customers throughout our region of coverage, and we deploy a profusion of locksmiths throughout every area we cover. This is to ensure that a technician is readily available for our customers no matter where they are, anytime of day.  Anyway, our office may be around the corner from you, but we also need to tend to and provide an equal level of attendance to customers across town, near the dock, and everywhere else in our area of coverage. By maintaining an abundance of technicians working throughout the field, we can ensure a brief, prompt arrival time for all our customers.

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What type of services do mobile locksmiths provide?

What type of services do mobile locksmiths provide?

Locksmiths are trained professionals in all fields of rockwork. This includes safes and automotive locks. So what type of lock-based services do mobile locksmiths provide? Whatever ones you can think of…

Since companies like BestBuyLock do provide mobile services as opposed to traditional stationary locksmiths, one of the most common types of procedures they perform for customers is aiding them in gaining entry to a lock whose key they misplaced or locked in. This includes locks to homes, rooms, vehicles, safes, cabinets, mailboxes etc. Lockout specialists are prepared to arrive to the job site of the service to be rendered quickly and efficiently to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. These technicians perform all services on both residential and commercial job sites.

There are even specialists for specific types of lockouts, especially safes. Safes are more complicated types of locks to breach without administering their combinations or keys. This is because safes (obviously) are designed specifically to prevent access by anyone other than the rightful owner. That is why certain locksmith technicians are trained specially in the field of dealing with safes, which often require exclusive methods and tools to open once locked. Unfortunately, there are certain safes that even the most seasoned specialist will be unable to gain access to without the use of a drill. Administering a drill to the locks of a safe typically damages the lock and renders it unusable.  However, if the client requires access to the contents of the safe, this may be the only method available. If the lock does happen to be damaged, the customer can contact the manufacturer to replace or repair it.

These technicians are experts in dealing with most manners of locks and performing most types of services that a customer might require. For example, a customer may need a lock changed for a number of specific reasons. Perhaps the lock is worn due to time or improper installation. Maybe someone undesirable has access to the customers keys, and they don’t want that person to be able to have entry into their homes (this includes a landlord evicting a tenant and switching the locks for their new residents). Either way, most mobile locksmiths will have no trouble changing out a lock, regardless of the brand, security level, or what item the lock is attached to.  If the client merely desires an upgrade in the style of lock or its security level, the locksmiths carry a plethora of all different manners of locks, materials, brands and security levels of locks. If the locks are only slightly damaged, the technician will usually be able to repair them without actually replacing them, but they will have to be on site to assess the necessary course of action.

Once a lock is changed, the customer can even opt to have their internal mechanism modified to correspond with the keys of other pre existing locks.  This is achieved by shifting the pins inside the lock’s cylinder to match the other locks’ keys. After this is done, the new lock can be opened by the same key(s) as locks that you already own. This process is referred to as “rekeying”. Rekeying is ideal for sharing keys with housemates or for a landlord that wants to provide their tenants with keys to a room that demands generally inclusive access, such as the laundry room or the front door of the building.

Rekeying is also ideal when the lock is not damaged, and the customer simply either lost the keys or needs new keys made. This is especially relevant if there is a large volume of locks that need to be worked on. Rekeying is generally less costly, time consuming, and simpler than lock replacement, because it doesn’t involve physically changing the locks. It is less expensive for the customer as well because they don‘t have to actually purchase a new lock from the locksmith, they just have to pay for the actual labor of rekeying the lock. Once again, these factors would probably be most relevant in a large volume job, such as a landlord wanting to change ALL the keys in their building. Instead of having to buy 200 or so actual locks from the technician in addition to paying for the labor to actually change the lock, for example, they can simply pay for the process of rekeying the locks. This ends up being exponentially cheaper and faster for the client. Both rekeying and lock changing are equally popular methods of switching the keys for an apartment in the event of an eviction or new tenants moving in.

As mentioned before, mobile locksmith companies utilize all manners of specialists that can perform service on any type of locks- even automotive specialists! An ignition cylinder is really just a fancy type of lock anyway. How it works is the key is inserted into the cylinder and unlocks the mechanism that activates the ignition.  If you lose your car keys, we have ignition specialists that can rekey your ignition slot and produce a new key that will correspond to it. Fortunately, this process renders the original key ineffective in activating the ignition. This means that you don’t have to worry about anybody obtaining the original key and driving off with your car! If you lost your door keys, it is slightly less expensive and time consuming to mold them- and we can make separate keys for the door as well!

In addition to being able to forge you a new key, our ignition specialists can switch out the ignition itself if necessary. Sometimes, through years of wear and tear and on road turbulence, the ignition accrues attrition and no longer functions properly. The key may begin to freeze and get stuck, and gradually cease working. In this case, the ignition can actually switch out the entire ignition itself. So when we say we can perform any type of service pertaining to locks- we mean everything- even changing the ignition itself! Of course, the main advantage a mobile locksmith has over a mechanic if you’re having ignition trouble- is that you actually need to drive to a mechanic- and you can’t get your car started in the first place! So remember, no matter where you are, at what time of day, a mobile locksmith can come assist you no matter rain, hail, sleet or snow!

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What should I do if I’m locked out of my vehicle or home?

What should I do if I’m locked out of my vehicle or home?

Well there are several options you have at your disposal- you can contact the police, fire department, or of course – a mobile locksmith.  Usually when you contact the police or fire department, they will actually be unable to come to assist you because they will be occupied with other emergencies. A typical mobile locksmith company however is specifically geared to respond to time sensitive scenarios such as car and house lockouts. Mobile locksmith services typically employ a work force of technicians working 24 hours, around the clock! Not only that, but most mobile services have technicians based out of numerous locations peppered throughout their respective state- so that no matter where you are, there should be one no more than approximately 30 to 45 minutes away! Once the technician arrives on site, they have a multitude of methods that that can apply to bypass the lock, and do so efficiently and promptly. So next time you’re in a jam, don’t forget to pick up a phone book, check Google, or call your local information line and ask for a mobile locksmith!

Ok- I got into my vehicle/ home- what other scenarios could a mobile locksmith assist me with?

Well a mobile locksmith can aid you with just about any kind of services you may need rendered on most types of locks- which includes ignition switches! This means that whether you’re locked out, have a jammed locking mechanism lost a car key- we can ensure efficient service and prompt arrival time. To ensure maximum competence in assisting you, we operate with specialists in every distinct field of the locksmith profession.

For example, if you are locked out, there are specialists that guarantee fast and effective entry. These technicians are the “emergency experts” they are experienced drivers that understand the urgency of a lockout situation and know the geography of their cities like the back of their hand. We are also professionals at obtaining access to a lock with minimal damage and the most secure methods possible.

But what if you’re not only locked out- but worse, you lost the keys to your front house door or another valuable key? Well in this case, there are actually two separate options you can pursue, depending on your personal preferences and needs. One option that’s available and very direct is what’s referred to as “rekeying”. Rekeying consists of shifting the pins inside a lock’s cylinder and then fitting it with a new key to match that configuration. A rekey is less expensive than actually changing a lock, because it doesn’t involve the technician having to provide a new lock for the customer. Rekeying can also be beneficial because you can fit a single key to multiple locks. This is useful when you want to share keys with friends, family, or roommates; or if you are a landlord that wants to distribute multiple keys to a specific lock for your tenants.

However, if a lock is damaged beyond repair, a technician can also remove it and replace it with a brand new functioning one. The lock specialists at most mobile locksmiths carry a wide array of various locks with them in their vans. This includes an expansive range of different lock brands, styles, and security levels among other things. Once the tech arrives, the customer is free to choose from this huge selection and the locksmith will begin working!

So it should be fairly apparent that a LOCKsmith would be able to aid you with trouble you’re having with you LOCKS- that’s a no brainer. But did you know that the ignition of your car is merely a fancy type of- lock?! So for any type of auto trouble you’re having that involves the ignition slot, a mobile locksmith once again will come to you aid. If you lost or broke your key, the locksmith can mold an entirely new key by rekeying the ignition slot. Doing this they effectively render the original key ineffective in starting the car’s ignition. This will ensure that if you lost your key and someone else does happen to find it, (or worse if it was stolen); they will have no chance of stealing your vehicle.

Some ignition keys contain what is called a transponder chip. This is a specialty computer chip that is synched with that car’s ignition and ensures that only that specific key can activate the car’s ignition. Most locksmiths that are ignition specialists are trained to program new ignition key’s transponder chips. Typically keys with transponder chips have a black plastic cover over the brass mold of the key, which is the housing area of the chip. Also, if your ignition cylinder itself is damaged, it can be replaced, but that is a more intricate job that will be slightly more costly- but it’s cheaper than taking the bus to work every day- or buying a new car!

If you find yourself locked out of a safe, in most cases the technician will be able to gain entry to it without damaging it. However, in some rare cases, the technician will be forced to utilize a drill. Once a safe lock if destroyed, it is unlikely that even the most seasoned safe specialist will be able to replace it. If this scenario occurs, your best bet is to simply purchase a new safe or contact the safe’s manufacturer to see if they are able to repair it.

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Our favorite locksmith questions

I found a safe that I need opened – can you help me and what do I need to be aware of when asking for a locksmith to open up a safe ?

If you find yourself locked out of your safe, you can definitely count on a quality mobile locksmith to open it efficiently and promptly. Information that can help the locksmith provide this service is the size of the safe, its dimensions, the type of safe it is (electronic, magnetic, manuel , combination, etc), and the manufacturer that makes it. Is it the size of a microwave? Does it have a Baldwin or Shlague brand lock? These are little bits of information that can aid the locksmith to be aware of what they need ready when they head out to you in order to get you into the safe.

I am locked out of my parents house but they are away – how can you help me ?

We can  certainly grant you access to your parents house swiftly in this case- but the process entails more steps when the owner of the property is not present on site. We will not need to confirm with yourt parents over the phone that you are indeed their son/daughter and that they are indeed the property owners. Then we will need to fax/email them what is called a work consent form, which is a legally binfding document that confirms the ownership status of your parents. They will need to sign it and photocopy or scan a photo id with proof of address onto the form- and then finally- we will be able to come get you into the house asap!

I am locked out of my trunk – Can a locksmith open it for me ? How? Will there be any damage ?

If you are locked out of your trunk, we can certainly get you in once we arrive on site. There are a variet of methods and tools that an automachanic specialist can utilize in order to open a trunk for a customer.  The locksmith will need to arrive on site to assess the lock before they can determine which method they will use. Certain car models can be pried opened with a simple slim jim or lock pick. Other locks will require the use of a special type of balloon that expands the interior mechanism of the lock in order to open it. These techniques are relatively safe and will not damage the lock mechanism itself.

However, certain car models are designed with what is called a “high security lock” , which is designed to be tamper proof. In this case the locksmith will have to resort to drilling the lock in order to gain entry into the trunk. The damage cause by drilling a lock will range from minimal to moderate, and can be rapaired by either the dealership of the car, the manufacturer themselves, or a local mechanic.

Can a locksmith rekey my car ?

Yes. A customer will usually call to have their cars rekeyed when they lose their igniton key and require a new one. Once the technician arrives on site they will be able to mold a new key to the configuration of the ignition switch, as well as synchronize this key with the car’s doors and trunk lock.

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Locksmith Q & A – Wednesday Edition !

I found a safe that I need opened – can you help me and what do I need to be aware of when asking for a locksmith to open up a safe?

Absolutely – gaining access to locked safes if one of the many services a locksmith

can provide customers with. When contacting the locksmith company, it is useful to

have an approximation of the safe’s weight, size, and type. The dimensions you provide

the company do not have to be exact; you can simply compare the weight, dimension,

and size with a familiar object. Different types of safes include electronic, digital, and

standard. It is very helpful to convey to the technician what type of safe it is before they

are sent out to aid you.

I am locked out of my parents house but they are away – how can you help me?

One of the problems customers call the locksmith to aid them with most frequently

is being locked out of their homes. Usually, they are able to come and open the door

immediately with no extra steps involved in the procedure. In the event that the customer

directly dealing with the customer on site isn’t the homeowner, however, the homeowner

themselves must sign what is called a “work consent form”. The form is a legally binding

document that affirms that the individual signing it is the legal owner of the property

being worked on and that they give the locksmith lawful jurisdiction to open the lock and

obtain access to their property.

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America’s Top Lock Manufacturers – Part 1

America’s Top Lock Manufacturers – Part 1

Many customers we service require certain types of locks that have a higher security level or a more advanced lock mechanism. In this edition of our blog we will review some of the more known Lock brands we use at Best Buy Lock.

In business since 1845, Yale manufactured the first compact cylinder pin lock. They’re a well-known manufacturer and distributor. All locksmiths are acquainted with the Yale brand which is considered a very reliable brand. Yale is one of the oldest international brands in the world and probably the best-known name in the locking industry. The Yale history captures major innovations that have marked the evolution not just of Yale, but of the entire locking industry.

Weiser Locks offer fashionable locks, handles, and knobs for interior and exterior doors. Their locks are secure and aesthetically pleasing. So much so, they can be seen in films and in the homes of many celebrities. They are the makers of a touchpad electronic deadbolt which allows temporary access for service personnel. Weiser is a recognized leader in innovation and product development providing high quality Fashion Doorware™ and offering a variety of solutions for both consumers and dealers.

Master Lock is used in nearly every household in America. They’re used in homes, businesses, schools, and many industries. Extremely popular and secure, almost every locksmith will be familiar and able to assist with locks made by this manufacturer. Master Lock is recognized around the world as the authentic, enduring name in padlocks and security products. Since our founding in 1921, they have worked hard to earn and maintain the trust of our customers by delivering on our promise of strength and quality and by continually setting new standards for lock design, application and performance. As the largest global manufacturer and marketer of padlocks, we continue to build our founder’s passion for innovation, quality, and compelling value into our expanding lines of security solutions.

Kwikset manufactures residential door locks and door hardware. Deadbolts, door knobs, keyless entry locks, and door levers are their specialties. Any locksmith in America can operate Kwikset brand products because they’re almost as popular as Master Lock (mentioned above).

Sentry locks and safes are well known too. Their line of safes is widely used and they’re great products for protecting valuables.

American Lock manufactures locks for outdoor security and industrial security as well as many different types of padlocks. There are important items that must remain outdoors that often need to be locked for security purposes.

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