Locksmith Q & A – Wednesday Edition !

I found a safe that I need opened – can you help me and what do I need to be aware of when asking for a locksmith to open up a safe?

Absolutely – gaining access to locked safes if one of the many services a locksmith

can provide customers with. When contacting the locksmith company, it is useful to

have an approximation of the safe’s weight, size, and type. The dimensions you provide

the company do not have to be exact; you can simply compare the weight, dimension,

and size with a familiar object. Different types of safes include electronic, digital, and

standard. It is very helpful to convey to the technician what type of safe it is before they

are sent out to aid you.

I am locked out of my parents house but they are away – how can you help me?

One of the problems customers call the locksmith to aid them with most frequently

is being locked out of their homes. Usually, they are able to come and open the door

immediately with no extra steps involved in the procedure. In the event that the customer

directly dealing with the customer on site isn’t the homeowner, however, the homeowner

themselves must sign what is called a “work consent form”. The form is a legally binding

document that affirms that the individual signing it is the legal owner of the property

being worked on and that they give the locksmith lawful jurisdiction to open the lock and

obtain access to their property.

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