Our favorite locksmith questions

I found a safe that I need opened – can you help me and what do I need to be aware of when asking for a locksmith to open up a safe ?

If you find yourself locked out of your safe, you can definitely count on a quality mobile locksmith to open it efficiently and promptly. Information that can help the locksmith provide this service is the size of the safe, its dimensions, the type of safe it is (electronic, magnetic, manuel , combination, etc), and the manufacturer that makes it. Is it the size of a microwave? Does it have a Baldwin or Shlague brand lock? These are little bits of information that can aid the locksmith to be aware of what they need ready when they head out to you in order to get you into the safe.

I am locked out of my parents house but they are away – how can you help me ?

We can  certainly grant you access to your parents house swiftly in this case- but the process entails more steps when the owner of the property is not present on site. We will not need to confirm with yourt parents over the phone that you are indeed their son/daughter and that they are indeed the property owners. Then we will need to fax/email them what is called a work consent form, which is a legally binfding document that confirms the ownership status of your parents. They will need to sign it and photocopy or scan a photo id with proof of address onto the form- and then finally- we will be able to come get you into the house asap!

I am locked out of my trunk – Can a locksmith open it for me ? How? Will there be any damage ?

If you are locked out of your trunk, we can certainly get you in once we arrive on site. There are a variet of methods and tools that an automachanic specialist can utilize in order to open a trunk for a customer.  The locksmith will need to arrive on site to assess the lock before they can determine which method they will use. Certain car models can be pried opened with a simple slim jim or lock pick. Other locks will require the use of a special type of balloon that expands the interior mechanism of the lock in order to open it. These techniques are relatively safe and will not damage the lock mechanism itself.

However, certain car models are designed with what is called a “high security lock” , which is designed to be tamper proof. In this case the locksmith will have to resort to drilling the lock in order to gain entry into the trunk. The damage cause by drilling a lock will range from minimal to moderate, and can be rapaired by either the dealership of the car, the manufacturer themselves, or a local mechanic.

Can a locksmith rekey my car ?

Yes. A customer will usually call to have their cars rekeyed when they lose their igniton key and require a new one. Once the technician arrives on site they will be able to mold a new key to the configuration of the ignition switch, as well as synchronize this key with the car’s doors and trunk lock.

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