Estimated arrival time for Locksmiths

How come your estimated arrival time is 30 minutes if your dispatching office is right around the corner from my house? Shouldn’t the ETA be more like 2-5 minutes?

Well, the ETA WOULD be 5 minutes – IF our technicians WERE around the corner, waiting in the office to be dispatched. But we ARE a mobile company and thus must remain- mobile! Our technicians are always out and about assisting customers throughout our region of coverage, and we deploy a profusion of locksmiths throughout every area we cover. This is to ensure that a technician is readily available for our customers no matter where they are, anytime of day.  Anyway, our office may be around the corner from you, but we also need to tend to and provide an equal level of attendance to customers across town, near the dock, and everywhere else in our area of coverage. By maintaining an abundance of technicians working throughout the field, we can ensure a brief, prompt arrival time for all our customers.

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