What should I do if I’m locked out of my vehicle or home?

What should I do if I’m locked out of my vehicle or home?

Well there are several options you have at your disposal- you can contact the police, fire department, or of course – a mobile locksmith.  Usually when you contact the police or fire department, they will actually be unable to come to assist you because they will be occupied with other emergencies. A typical mobile locksmith company however is specifically geared to respond to time sensitive scenarios such as car and house lockouts. Mobile locksmith services typically employ a work force of technicians working 24 hours, around the clock! Not only that, but most mobile services have technicians based out of numerous locations peppered throughout their respective state- so that no matter where you are, there should be one no more than approximately 30 to 45 minutes away! Once the technician arrives on site, they have a multitude of methods that that can apply to bypass the lock, and do so efficiently and promptly. So next time you’re in a jam, don’t forget to pick up a phone book, check Google, or call your local information line and ask for a mobile locksmith!

Ok- I got into my vehicle/ home- what other scenarios could a mobile locksmith assist me with?

Well a mobile locksmith can aid you with just about any kind of services you may need rendered on most types of locks- which includes ignition switches! This means that whether you’re locked out, have a jammed locking mechanism lost a car key- we can ensure efficient service and prompt arrival time. To ensure maximum competence in assisting you, we operate with specialists in every distinct field of the locksmith profession.

For example, if you are locked out, there are specialists that guarantee fast and effective entry. These technicians are the “emergency experts” they are experienced drivers that understand the urgency of a lockout situation and know the geography of their cities like the back of their hand. We are also professionals at obtaining access to a lock with minimal damage and the most secure methods possible.

But what if you’re not only locked out- but worse, you lost the keys to your front house door or another valuable key? Well in this case, there are actually two separate options you can pursue, depending on your personal preferences and needs. One option that’s available and very direct is what’s referred to as “rekeying”. Rekeying consists of shifting the pins inside a lock’s cylinder and then fitting it with a new key to match that configuration. A rekey is less expensive than actually changing a lock, because it doesn’t involve the technician having to provide a new lock for the customer. Rekeying can also be beneficial because you can fit a single key to multiple locks. This is useful when you want to share keys with friends, family, or roommates; or if you are a landlord that wants to distribute multiple keys to a specific lock for your tenants.

However, if a lock is damaged beyond repair, a technician can also remove it and replace it with a brand new functioning one. The lock specialists at most mobile locksmiths carry a wide array of various locks with them in their vans. This includes an expansive range of different lock brands, styles, and security levels among other things. Once the tech arrives, the customer is free to choose from this huge selection and the locksmith will begin working!

So it should be fairly apparent that a LOCKsmith would be able to aid you with trouble you’re having with you LOCKS- that’s a no brainer. But did you know that the ignition of your car is merely a fancy type of- lock?! So for any type of auto trouble you’re having that involves the ignition slot, a mobile locksmith once again will come to you aid. If you lost or broke your key, the locksmith can mold an entirely new key by rekeying the ignition slot. Doing this they effectively render the original key ineffective in starting the car’s ignition. This will ensure that if you lost your key and someone else does happen to find it, (or worse if it was stolen); they will have no chance of stealing your vehicle.

Some ignition keys contain what is called a transponder chip. This is a specialty computer chip that is synched with that car’s ignition and ensures that only that specific key can activate the car’s ignition. Most locksmiths that are ignition specialists are trained to program new ignition key’s transponder chips. Typically keys with transponder chips have a black plastic cover over the brass mold of the key, which is the housing area of the chip. Also, if your ignition cylinder itself is damaged, it can be replaced, but that is a more intricate job that will be slightly more costly- but it’s cheaper than taking the bus to work every day- or buying a new car!

If you find yourself locked out of a safe, in most cases the technician will be able to gain entry to it without damaging it. However, in some rare cases, the technician will be forced to utilize a drill. Once a safe lock if destroyed, it is unlikely that even the most seasoned safe specialist will be able to replace it. If this scenario occurs, your best bet is to simply purchase a new safe or contact the safe’s manufacturer to see if they are able to repair it.

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