If I’m locked out of my car, can a locksmith assist me and how fast can they be there???

One of the most common services provided by mobile locksmiths is granting customers access to locks that they may be locked out of. A customer may be locked out of their car, home, safe, fridge- it doesn’t matter. Mobile locksmith companies are not only competitive with each other for pricing, but also for arrival times- how wonderful for the client! That is why these companies make provisions to ensure that the technician arrives at the customer’s job site as quickly as possible.

One such arrangement that they make is to ensure that they have an abundance of technicians located throughout their allotted area of coverage. This guarantees that no matter where you are, a locksmith is x amount of time away. Varying companies offer different ETAs (estimated time of arrivals), but the general range is 15 to 40 minutes for lock repair/ replacement, and 15 to 30 minutes for lockouts. The reason that the ETA afforded to the customer for a lockout is shorter is because there are often more technicians that specialize in them disseminated in the field of coverage. This is because lockouts are considered top priority and are regarded as emergency scenarios. The main objective of mobile locksmith companies such as BestBuyLock is to assure customer satisfaction- that’s why they hire a variable bevy of competent, hungry locksmiths. To pledge that no matter where you are, and no matter what time of day you call, you will receive service promptly and in a courteous and professional manner!

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