What is a rekey?

What is a rekey?

Often times, a customer may want to alter the key(s) that open a lock without actually replacing the lock. This may be more convenient than actually changing the lock for a number of reasons.  It may be because the volume of locks that the customer needs new keys for is too high, such as a landlord that wants to make new keys for all of their tenants. This would make changing each and every single  lock a long, arduous, and cumbersome undertaking. Also, if the locksmith is to supply the customer with new locks themselves, this would equate to the customer purchasing  50 (or whatever the number) new locks in addition to being charged for the labour of replacing them- not a fee you’d want to incur! Also, rather than change a lock, a customer may want to synchronize a single key to multiple locks. They may want to reconfigure a lock to longer work with its previous key- maybe to evict the former tenant of an apartment, or to avoid a prior acquaintance. All of these services involve basically “re-keying” the lock, or altering its interior so as to fit a new key to it. As aforementioned, rekeying also renders the original key ineffective in gaining entry to the lock.

The way a rekey works on a technical level is simple. The mechanism located within a lock is locked and unlocked by a set of pins. When the key is inserted and turned in the lock, the pins are unhinged; this in turn unlatches the lock itself. When a locksmith shifts the positioning of theses pins, they effectively render the original key useless. The next step is to concoct a new key that WILL correspond to the new configuration. The technician moulds a new key based on the pin configuration- and viola- there’s your rekey!

Once a new key is composed, the locksmith can generate an unlimited number of duplicates that the customer can share with family members, friends, or roommates. Rekeys are typically cheaper than lock changes and involve less clunky, messy material. Of course, a customer may want specifically to change a lock itself rather than just the key- both options are always available. Also, in certain instances, such as in cases of lock damage and erosion, an actual replacement of the entire lock is required, because it is completely unusable.

Rekeys aren’t limited to front house doors, either.  Lost your car key and need a new one? You may be surprised to discover that the remedy to this conundrum is actually a rekey from a locksmith! Rekeys can be performed for regular door locks, car doors, car ignition slots, cabinets, desks- and pretty much any lock you can think of! So, if you need your locks changed, you can definitely count on a quality mobile locksmith to come to your aid at any time of day, no matter where you are. But always be aware of the alternative option of receiving a rekey and all the potential benefits it can offer.

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