Some more Locksmith Questions and Answers

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been receiving a huge amount of questions about Locksmith Services and various aspects of Lock and Key work. I wanted to include some of them periodically on our blog so that other readers and customers can benefit from the information and get a better sense about what a locksmith can or cannot do.

At least 10 readers have written to us and asked – what do do if I lost the combination for my masterlock?

Generally it really depends what type of masterlock you have and the importance of keeping that specific lock in tact and working – there are various places online where you can learn about tricks and tips to try and pop that lock open yourself. If it’s a basic type of master lock try this -

  1. Try to Push up on the clamp. Hold it in place. Spin right until you hear a click.
  2. Move two numbers to the right. That’s your first number.
  3. Continue holding the clamp up. Spin it all the way to the left until it stops. That’s your second number. make a note of it
  4. Spin right. It will be very choppy, but keep the clamp up. It will open on the third number.

Another Locksmith question we receive frequently is :

how do locksmiths make a copy of your key ? Once again it really depends on on the type of key that you have and the type of lock that it works on – Generally basic type of locks are cut as an exact copy with a key copy machine. for car keys many times the duplication involves a transponder chip that is located inside the key to your car. This involves getting the code for your specific make and model and programming the key to your specific vehicle. Some car brands such as Mercedez Benz, Audi and others, are considered high security vehicals and sometimes the only way to get an additional car key or a new one if you lost yours is through your car dealership. Most often then not, getting a new car key made via the dealership will take longer and will probably be more expensive then getting it through a licensed Locksmith technician.

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Stories from our locksmith customers

Today I wanted to share on the blog with all of you two emails we received from our customers. I am hoping this can help someone out there looking for Locksmith Services for their home or vehicle.

I had never heard of a re key before- all I knew was that after 5 years, the lock to my front house door was no longer functioning properly. I called up Best Buy Locksmith, and they told me that rather than change the entire lock, I could opt to re key the lock, which he would just move the pins in the lock and change the key. He said the problem was more likely the key itself than the lock- and he was right! Their Locksmith crew came out to my location right away. The re key ended up being cheaper than it was to replace a lock which I had done a year earlier (the lock change cost me $300, the re key only $140!). Overall, I had a very positive experience and appreciate that the locksmith didn’t try to overcharge me.

When dealing with auto mechanics, sometimes the problem could be a lot worse than you expected! I had purchased a 98 Nissan Ultima about 4 years ago, and had noticed recently that it was very difficult to turn the key in the ignition. My insurance company informed me that I could contact a locksmith to make a new key for me. When he arrived, he took a look at the ignition- and told me that had to have a whole new ignition switch installed! He said that my car was on the verge of a nervous breakdown lol! He switched out all the parts necessary, and gave me a new key along with the new ignition switch. And I didn’t even know locksmiths could do something like that! They do ignition keys for all types of cars as well as car lockouts.

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Getting the most out of your locksmith service

we at best buy lock try and help as much as we can but as a customer when calling for locksmith service there are a few things you should prepare before placing the call for service which will help us help you better and send over a technician that is most specifically trained for your needs. for example if you are locked out of your car, and you need a locksmith to help you get back in, it really depends and important for us to know the make model and year of your car. some vehicles are more specific in terms of the type of security that specific car has. it also matters if you need us to cut you a new key. Sometimes a customer things that they have a copy of the key at home or that the key is inside the locked car.

In case you need us to make a new key for your car it is most important that you have all relevant paper work handy as we have to contact your car manufacture in order to get specific car codes and pins that work with your cars security mechanism. As always if you have any questions about car lockouts, car keys, ignition keys or any other aspect of our locksmith service feel free to call us anytime. Thanks for reading !

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The New York Automotive Locksmith

An automotive locksmith is a specialized locksmith that can create new keys for your vehicle and open up any locked car. There is special machinery that is needed to unlock your car as decoding machinery is needed. Newer cars have different keying systems then older cars. Only a skilled automotive locksmith will know how to decipher and change an electronic key system.

An Automotive locksmith will have the specialized machinery that is required for cars. The newest cars has a different type of keying system when compared to older cars and only an automotive locksmith specializes on these types of locks.

The process that an automotive locksmith will use is to decipher the transponder code that is embedded onto a key. When the key is inserted into the ignition the car will not start unless it has the correct transponder code. If you should lose your keys are have your locks damaged then you will need to have the key recoded to match the ignition code.

A local automotive locksmith will be able to help you out in times of emergency either if you have locked yourself out of your car or someone has broken your locks. Most auto locksmiths will be able to come to your aid at any time of the day and have enough tact not to give you are hard time as they realize that things happen.

No matter the emergency an automotive locksmith can help and many will travel to your car so there is no need to have your car towed. Many times you might accidentally lock your keys in the car or someone may have damaged your locks so that you cannot get into your car with your keys. An automotive locksmith is prepared for all scenarios.

Using an automotive locksmith can be much less expensive than if you should break your window to access your car or have your car towed to a garage. Most individuals that try to open their cars themselves tend to only damage their cars further and have to pay even more to access and fix their car. If you have never opened up your car when it is locked before then you should not start now.

Your insurance company may even cover the services of an automotive locksmith so you should see about calling your insurance company. This is generally covered using a roadside assistance program. You should see if the insurance company recommends any companies services.

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Why Consult a Professional Locksmith when Selecting or Installing Security Hardware?

Professional locksmith has many years of training in the work of security hardware and select the appropriate level or type of hardware to use in given situations. Will be certified and / or allowed to practice locksmithing from both professional associations or government that they are in business. For example, some devices such as security keys is very easy to work it is doing or if you have all the keys easy to buy from big box. “Store or hardware store may be used. However, what if you want the same set of padlocks keyed, master keyed, keyed front of the key you need patience to weather that means locking up high-value products? Consulting padlocks or purchase your bracelets from a professional technician may save you time and money to ease the appropriate level of security. More important will be locked and / or equipment safety doors and windows they correct grade and duty?

They have security you, emergency locksmith, expect, or not installed correctly? Professional locksmith in your answers to these questions, he can provide the correct hardware options and they have the expertise to install correctly. You are or you are considered safe in your home or you will not receive the protection of important documents or valuable? Safes mostly not built to prevent fire and theft. You can check how you are protected you think you are? Professional Locksmiths and / or retailers, safe, professional knowledge about the safety labels and ratings to steal their expertise to help you choose the right safe or secure container. You can trust to protect valuable documents that you may receive suggestions from employees minimum wage big box “store? You consider the signal system or security cameras? Some locksmiths qualified professionals to provide and install this system or they may be bound to someone they can recommend. Please Jim Newell for lock manufacturers and links to Web sites of several crime prevention tips that are more secure. This information can save lives or property of you and Jim Newell Security Professional consultants than 35 years, the site of a mission to bring about security devices and security, emergency locksmith, hardware security.

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Why You Need a Professional Locksmith

People rarely realize how important professional locksmiths are except in emergencies. Problem is, if you do not have a professional locksmith to rely on, you may be forced to put your safety in the hands of non-professionals in times of crisis. Having your own trusted professional locksmith for your residential and commercial lock installation ensures that you can also call on them for any necessary lock repair. You may even call them to unlock your car if you get locked out.

Professional locksmith companies today are high tech. You can call on their specially trained technicians for your security emergencies twenty four hours a day, even on weekends and holidays. Their fully equipped mobile vans are quickly dispatched by radio.

Professional locksmiths can do residential lock installation of high security locks for all types of entries including sliding glass doors, knobs, deadbolts, levers, key cylinders, door viewers, surveillance cameras, safes and secure mailboxes. Professional locksmiths can also re-key locks instead of replacing them with new ones. The pins and tumblers are switched so the old keys will no longer work on them. Professional locksmiths will then cut the new keys right there on the site.

Re-keying of locks is usually the recommendation of professional locksmiths when you need to restrict previous access to a place. This may happen, for example, when you move to a new apartment or condominium unit which had a previous occupant, or when you let go of an employee that previously held keys to your home. Re-keying is the less expensive alternative to changing all your locks.

For further protection, professional locksmiths recommend the use of restricted keys like Medeco that cannot be duplicated without the authorization of its registered owner.

Professional locksmiths can do installation of a wide range of security hardware for commercial clients. This includes access control systems, buzzer entry systems, master key systems, keyless entry systems like the fingerprint systems used in biometrics, panic and emergency exit devices, rear door security bars, commercial safes and lockboxes in real estate properties. They likewise do installation and repair of glass and steel storefront security doors. Even smaller security items like file cabinet locks, desk locks, secure key cabinets, padlocks and door closers are covered.

Professional locksmiths are also highly knowledgeable on the strategies and tactics of burglars and thieves and can advice their clients accordingly, providing crucial information and recommending appropriate counter measures. They can also guide clients on the pros and cons of various types of locks.

Finally, during those times when automotive keys are misplaced, stolen or left in the vehicle, professional locksmiths can help vehicle owners who have been locked out. You no longer have to resort to the wires from old clothes hangers or so called Slim Jims. Neither should you ask non-professionals to tamper with your car doors since their lock picking may do expensive damage to the sophisticated and complicated locks and door systems of modern vehicles. Even the police today will not agree to attempt to unlock car doors except in cases of extreme emergency, such as when lives are at stake. They will not risk being held liable for any damage done to the vehicle. Professional locksmiths, on the other hand, are highly qualified to unlock car doors since they have had the required training, are equipped with the proper tools and have the required manuals for specific vehicle models.

When you go to professional locksmiths, you get all these services of the highest quality. You know your security is in good hands. You need not worry about substandard products or improper installations, nor should you be anxious about repairs, whether for your residential or commercial needs.

call us today at 1-888-513-5625

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Top tips for picking a locksmith

When picking a locksmith, it’s important that you be aware of what to look for. The biggest part of this is to look into the locksmith services they offer. Do they offer emergency locksmith services, such as for lockouts? What types of security services do they offer?

The top ten things to consider when picking a locksmith are:

  1. What type of locksmith services do they offer?
  2. Are the locksmith services they offer something you’ll use?
  3. Do the offer emergency locksmith services?
  4. Are the emergency locksmith services available 24 hours a day?
  5. What are your security service needs?
  6. Does your locksmith offer those security services as a standard part of their locksmith services, emergency locksmith services, or any other package they have available?
  7. Is your locksmith competent? Does he or she offer locksmith services that they personally have years of experience with, or are they just trying to learn as they go?
  8. Does your locksmith offer, as part of their locksmith services, a free estimate for any work they are doing BEFORE they perform the work?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it may prove useful to you to look up other locksmiths and compare their locksmith services, emergency locksmith services, security services, and general business history and reputation. Of all the people who you depend on, the person providing you with locksmith services should be among the most trusted. They see what you have inside your home or office, and they know how to get in quickly and easily. It wouldn’t do to have your locksmiths services combined with his cat burglar skills to rip you off.

Keep in mind that locksmith services are only as good and reliable as the locksmith performing those services. Make sure you find the best available locksmith for all your locksmith service, emergency locksmith service, or security service needs. Don’t forget to check into the background of your locksmith carefully as well. I recommend that you always check their website as a starting point for your search. Then you’ll know that the locksmith services you’re using are compliant with their standards, and can be trusted.

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